Mercer County Republican Party

Mercer County, Ohio

2014 General Election Ballots

Note:  There are 36 voting precincts in Mercer County.  Each voting precinct will have a unique ballot style and the candidates and issues will be printed on the ballot for each particular precinct that will be entitled to vote on them. 

Mercer County is made up of three US Congressional Districts, each one represented by a different US Congressman or woman.  So on each ballot for each district, the candidates running for those offices will be different.

For every other office on the ballot, the candidates will the the same for Governor and Lt. Governor, Auditor of State, Treasurer of State, Secretary of State and Attorney General.  Every ballot will have the same candidates running for the Ohio House and if applicable, the Ohio Senate, State School Board and the Court of Appeals District.

Each ballot will also have the name of every countywide elected official who is up for election in 2014.  The county elected officials that are up for election this year are the County Auditor and one County Commissioner.

For each ballot printed, local taxing jurisdictions may have local issues that will be decided at this election, so you may want to contact the Board of Elections for information concerning those issues.  The Board is required to publish the issues for each taxing subdivision prior to the election in the newspaper of general circulation in the county.

Absentee voting may be done in person at the Board Office or by requesting your ballot by mail. 

Mercer County Board of Elections

101 North Main Street

Celina, Ohio  45822

(419) 586-2-2215





Applies only for Primary Elections

Understanding the Republican Primary Ballot

Why each candidate is listed twice on the ballot

To put it simply we don't vote for the candidates directly, but rather for their delegates to the National Convention. Each candidate has two kinds of delegates and we have to cast votes for both kinds of delegates, so each candidate is listed on the ballot twice, once for each kind of delegate. So make sure you vote for both kinds of delegates for your candidate!

A detailed explanation can be found here:

Understanding the Republican Primary Ballot