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Matt Gilmore, Chairman
Rick Delzeith, Vice Chair
118 W Market Street
Celina, OH 45822
(419) 586-8120


2016 Primary

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Mercer County Republican Headquarters

Opening Soon!

814 North Main Street

Celina, Ohio  45822


Central Committee Meetings
3rd Monday  *  7:30 p.m.
Richardson Bretz Building
119 West Fulton Street
Celina, Ohio 45822

Address of Headquarters

814 North Main Street

Celina, Ohio  45822

Grand Opening

Coming Soon


To volunteer to work at the headquarters call:

(419) 586-7037



 The Republican Presidential Ballot

In the past, because of Party Rules and Bylaws, it was important to mark your Presidential Primary ballot for your first choice candidate for President in both races and under both ballot headings on the ballot.. 

The Ohio Republican Party made a change to their Bylaws in 2015, and the following link explains how the changes have affected the 2016 Ohio Presidential Ballot as well as the awarding of delegates.

Click here to read important

Party Bylaw affecting your vote for District Delegates and Alternates at Large to the Nation Convention..


Also read:


 To learn more about RNC Party Rules and Bylaws visit:


The 2016 Ohio Democratic Caucuses were

held on January 5th.   Click here for how the process differs between political parties...Ohio Primary vs. Ohio Caucuses. 





Special Primary Election

September 13

Call Mercer County Board of Elections for more detai:  (419) 586-2215


"Suspending" a campaign is not the same

as withdrawing as a candidate.


Official Campaign Websites


John Richard Kasich

Marco A. Rubio

Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz

Donald John Trump, Sr.

Benjamin Solomon "Ben" Carson, Sr.

John Ellis (Jeb) Bush

Carleton Sneed "Carly" Fiorina

Richard John "Rick" Santorum

Christopher James "Chris" Cristie

Michael Dale "Mike" Huckabee




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